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ss mc 001


Mono-crystalline silicon wafers or multi-crystalline silicon wafers with high conversion efficiency are used, which enables a high solar energy conversion efficiency of over 16.5%.
Solar panel specification: 5.5V/80mA
AC adaptor specification: 5.0V/1000mA
The built-in high capacity rechargeable polymer lithium ion battery: 1350mAH
Output voltage: 5.5V
Output current: 1000mA
Time for charging a mobile phone: about 60 minutes (the time may vary slightly depending on mobile phones of different brands and models)
Time for charging the built-in battery through solar energy: 10-15hours
Time for charging the built-in battery through a computer or AC adaptor: about 2 hours
The lighting time of LED lasts for 100 hours more or less
Overall size: 9.5×43×1.2(CM)